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Artist Trading Cards

Altered Artist Trading Cards


A number of years ago while participating in the BMFA Studio Tour, I created an interactive Artist Trading Card project that all those who visitied my studio were able to paticipate in. 


The rules were simple, first I carved a stamp with my personal icon.  Then I stamped a number of 2.5 "x 3.5" cards with this image.  Some part of this image had to remain visible when the card was completed.  Any person who wanted to could alter this stamped image and return it to me and receive an Altered ATC from me.  I also created a number of cards that were not traded. 


This project has been rejuvenated over the last year.  If you would like to participate send me your mailing address and I will mail you an unaltered ATC and an ATC that I have altered.  You may alter the image in any way you wish but some portion of the stamped image must remain.